Jun 23-24: Poker Hand

AMoore, Kristen8.945Five of a kind (5’s)16$12.00
APerry, Heidi9.947Four of a kind (4’s)17$10.00
AGarcia, Shaundra9.940Four of a kind (5’s)15$8.00
AHatch, Laura11.5744Four of a kind (5’s)19$7.00
AJaques, Jinger11.943Full Hourse (4,4,4,5,5)16$0.00
ANielsen, Connie14.2344Full House (5,5,5,4,4)19$0.00
ATwitchell, Caroline12.2347Full House (6,6,6,5,5)15$0.00
ASorensen, Debbie11.949Full House (6,6,6,5,5)16$0.00
BMeyer, Susie14.946Four of a kind (5’s)18$12.00
BWilcox, Bev17.2355Four of a Kind (6’s)19$10.00
BClements, Penny15.5753Four of a kind (6’s)21$8.00
BCagle, DeAnn18.948Full House (4,4,4,5,5)16$7.00
BSenekjian, Becky15.945Full House (4,4,4,6,6)17$5.00
BKirshaw, Shirley16.941Full House (5,5,5,3,3)15$0.00
BPatterson, Barbara16.2348Full House (5,5,5,7,7)14$0.00
BVanDer Meer, Ann19.2355Full House (6,6,6,5,5)16$0.00
BNicholas, Georgia15.951Two Pair (3,3,- 5,5)17$0.00
CHawkes, Julie20.5757Four of a Kind (5’s)18$12.00
CHyer, Krista20.948Four of a kind (6’s)17$9.00
CPaquette, Connie20.5749Four of a Kind (6’s)17$9.00
CCorey, Linda19.5756Four of a Kind (7’s)16$7.00
CAnderson, Celeste19.5750Full House (4,4,4,6,6)18$5.00
CRichards, Pam20.5753Full House (5,5,5,7,7)16$0.00
CBoyer, Carolyn19.952Full House (7,7,7,4,4)19$0.00
CRichins, Kathy19.2358Straight (5,6,7,8,9)20$0.00
CReese, Nyla20.957Two of a Kind (5’s)16$0.00
DHerrick, LaRee23.2357Four of a Kind (7’s)18$12.00
DPotter, Utana26.5764Four of a Kind (7’s)25$10.00
DFowers, Nora25.5749Full House (6,6,6,7,7)15$8.00
DWelsh, Pat28.956Full House (6,6,6,8,8)15$7.00
DRembacz, Bonnie24.5761Full House (8,8,8,7,7)18$5.00
DHill, Kathi23.957Straight (4,5,6,7,8)18$0.00
DSnider, Becky25.960Straight (4,5,6,7,8)18$0.00
DDixon, Denise30.5760Straight (4,5,6,7,8)20$0.00
DJex, Vicki31.2365Straight (5,6,7,8,9)18$0.00
BirdiesGarcia, Shaundra #4  $2.00
 Kirshaw, Shirley #2  $2.00
 Nielsen, Connie #9  $2.00
 Richards, Pam #8  $2.00
Chip InsPatterson, Barbara #1  $2.00