Ladies “Club Championship” Aug 16-24

Cameron Moffat 2023 Ladies Club Champion
The Bluff Ladies Club Championship Aug 16-17 & 24
FltName9 Hole Hcp18 Hole Hcp    Payouts
AMOFFAT, CAMERON5.3210.647968.3632Club Champion$50.00 +      10 Punch
Gross in Flights
Flt.Name9 Hole Hcp18 Hole Hcp GrossNetPutts Payouts
AMOFFAT, JACIE5.3510.708069.30351st Gross$40.00
ABROWN, ABBIE6.0512.108168.90332nd Gross$35.00
AHADLEY, SHELLEY4.308.608576.40293rd Gross$30.00
ASORENSEN, DEBBIE7.0414.088772.92274th gross$25.00
BGARCIA, SHAUNDRA14.6729.349464.66311st Gross$40.00
BTWITCHELL, CAROLINE15.3030.609665.40332nd Gross$35.00
BKIRSHAW, SHIRLEY14.6729.349767.66343rd GROSS$30.00
BSUDAK, LYNSI14.6429.289868.72394th Gross$25.00
BSCHILLEMAN, HOLLIE13.9827.9610173.04395th Gross$20.00
CHOGGE, BRENDA20.0240.049453.96311st Gross$40.00
CHERRICK, LAREE19.6939.3810565.62332nd Gross$35.00
CTORICK, DANA21.3442.6810764.32333rd Gross$30.00
CCARNELL, LAURA20.3540.7011271.30414th Gross$25.00
CPRIEST, CAROL20.0240.0411877.96365th Gross$20.00
DDECKER, LAURA26.9953.9810955.02391st Gross$40.00
DENGBERSON, CHRIS24.3248.6411566.36352nd Gross$35.00
DGOODROW, VICTORIA25.6451.2811664.72383rd Gross$30.00
DFOWERS, NORA23.6647.3212072.68354th Gross$25.00
DNELSON, ANNE27.3654.7213075.28325th Gross$20.00
Net in Flights
 Name9 Hole Hcp18 Hole HcpGrossNetPutts Payouts
ABRENNAN, DEBBIE13.6427.289365.72301st Net$40.00
AHATCH, LAURA10.3420.688766.32322nd Net$35.00
AHENDRY, KARLEE12.9825.969367.04393rd Net$30.00
ANIELSEN, CONNIE10.3420.689069.32324th Net$25.00
BCOMBE, JEANNE18.3436.689659.32321st Net$40.00
BPOSELL, PAM19.3638.7210566.28302nd Net$35.00
BFIEHLER, DORIS15.9931.989967.02333rd Net$30.00
BROBINSON, CASEY16.6533.3010672.70404th Net$25.00
CWRIGHT, KATHY22.9945.9810660.02291st Net$40.00
CCROWTHER, STACEY21.3442.6810663.32342nd Net$35.00
CJOHNSON, BAILEE22.2544.5011065.5363rd Net$30.00
CABRAMS, FLO22.9945.9811266.02374th Net$25.00
DLANDES, CONNIE36.0072.00013361.00411st Net$40.00
DHEREN, JULE26.9953.9811561.02382nd Net$35.00
DOLIVER, JEANNIE26.6353.2611864.74333rd Net$30.00
DSOMERVILIE, VICKI25.9751.9412169.06384th Net$25.00
Chip InsSORENSEN DEBBIE   9  $2.00
 TORICK DANA   8  $2.00
 BRENNAN DEBBIE   7  $2.00
 HOGGE BRENDA   18  $2.00
 NELSON ANNE   11  $2.00
 Name   Hole #  Payout
BirdiesBRENNEN DEBBIE   2  $2.00
 HATCH LAURA   5  $2.00
 HENDRY KARLEE   2, 1O  $4.00
 HOGGE BRENDA   18  $2.00
 MOFFAT CAMERON   5, 6, 9  $6.00
 MOFFAT JACIE   6, 10  $4.00
 WRIGHT KATHY    11  $2.00
 NIELSEN CONNIE   15  $2.00
Closest to the line on 18 Vicki Somerville  $10.00
Longest Putt Connie Nielsen  $10.00
Closest to the Hole  kathy Wrights  $10.00