Ladies “Poker Hand” – July 1-6

The Bluff Ladies Results Poker Hand  July 1-6
FltName HDCPGrossPoker HandPuttsPayouts 
AKANO, BECKY11.50486 of a Kind 5’s17 $           12.00
AKANO, KRISTIN10.01445 of a Kind 5’s17 $              9.00
AGARCIA, SHAUNDRA12.32454 of a Kind 5’s18 $              7.00
ANEILSEN, CONNIE10.6741Full House 4’s, 5’s16 
AFIEHLER, DORIS12.3242Full House 4’s, 5’s16 
ABRENNAN, DEBBIE12.3244Full House 4’s, 5’s19 
AHADLEY, SHELLEY9.3543Straight 3-717 
BABRAMS, FLO14.64485 of a Kind 5’s13 $           11.00
BTWITCHELL, CAROLINE13.31495 of a Kind 6’s18 $              9.00
BPOSELL, PAM13.98524 of a Kind 5’s18 $              7.00
BDUGGER, BECKIE15.3048Full House 5’s, 4’s16 $              5.00
BCROWTHER, STACEY15.0048Full House 5’s, 6’s13 
BHATCH, LAURA15.6646Full House 5’s, 6’s18 
BPATTERSON, BARBARA15.6653Full House 6’s 5’s17 
BFOX, JANA14.0155Full House 6’s 7’s20 
COLIVER, JEANNIE21.01535 of a Kind 6’s17 $           10.00
CCLARK, TRUDI20.35525 of a Kind 6’s21 $              8.00
CDECKER, LAURA23.99554 of a Kind 7’s21 $              3.00
CPONDER, DARLENE22.00604 of a Kind 7’s21 $              3.00
CFOWERS, NORA24.9855Full House 6’s 5’s19 
CHEREN, JULE24.9863Full House 6’s 8’s20 
 Name Hole #   Payouts
Birdies Nielsen Connie7    $              2.00
Chip Ins Nielsen Connie7    $              2.00