Ladies “Poker Hand” July 3-7

The Bluff Ladies Results Poker Hand July 3-7
Flt NameHcpGrossPoker HandPutts Payouts
AMOFFAT, JACIE7.7405 of a kind 4’s21 $12.00
ASORENSEN, DEBBIE8.36435 of a kind 5’s16Tied$8.00
AWILDER, SANDRA12.65445 of a kind 5’s16$8.00
AMOFFAT, CAMERON8.33405 of a Kind 5’s19  
ABROWN, ABBIE6.34404 of a Kind 4’s16  
AHADLEY, SHELLEY6.7139Full house 4’s & 3’s16  
ATWITCHELL, CAROLINE12.6550Full house 7’s & 5’s14  
BKIRSHAW, SHIRLEY18.01445 of a Kind 5’s15 $12.00
BMERRILL, AJA19.36495 of a Kind 6’s14 $9.00
BPURSER, RYLEE18.26494 of a Kind 5’s19 $7.00
BBRENNAN, DEBBIE14.3451Full house 4’s & 6’s18  
BFIEHLER, DORIS15.6649Full House 5’s & 4’s15  
BHANDRY, KARLEE14.3149Full House 6’s & 5’s20  
BCROWTHER, STACEY19.3660Full House 6’s & 7’s23  
CJOHNSON, BAILEE23.49565 of a Kind 6’s26 $12.00
CHOGGE, BRENDA20.0255Full house 5’s & 6’s21 $9.00
CHERRICK, LAREE20.3557Full House 6’s & 4’s22 $7.00
CABRAMS, FLO2257Full House 6’s & 5’s16  
CCOMBE, JEANNE20.7649Full House 7’s & 3’s17  
CGOODROW, VICTORIA24.3256Full House 7’s & 5’s20  
CWRIGHT, KATHY22.9953Straight 4,5,6,7,817  
DNELSON, ANNE28.27594 of a Kind 7’s18 $11.00
DDECKER, LAURA24.65654 of a kind 7’s21 $9.00
DSOMERVILIE, VICKI30.0357Full House 5’s & 6’s19 $7.00
DHEREN, JULE26.358Full House 5’s & 7’s20 $5.00
DFOWERS, NORA24.9859Full House 7;s & 4’s15  
DENGBERSON, CHRIS25.6459Full House 8’s & 6’s19  
DFOWERS, TIFFINI24.9864Full House 8’s & 6’s28  
DFOWLER, SHANNON36652 of a Kind 5’s26  
 Name  Hole #  Payouts
BirdiesHADLEY SHELLEY  10  $2.00
 MOFFAT JACIE  13  $2.00
 WILDER SANDRA  5  $2.00
Chip InsMERRILL AJA  12  $2.00