Ladies “Poker Hand” June 30 & July 1

The Bluff Ladies Results Poker Hand June 30-July 1st
Flt.NameHDCPGrossPoker HandPutts Payouts
AHADLEY, SHELLEY6.05414 of a Kind 4’s14 $12.00
AHATCH, LAURA11.33434 of a kind 4’s19 $9.00
ADANIELS, SHANNON10.34434 of a Kind 5’s17Tied$4.00
ABRENNAN, DEBBIE12.98494 of a Kind 5’s17$4.00
AGILFILLAN, SHIREEN11.99494 of a Kind 6’s22  
AARCHIBALD, ABBIE6.3444Full House (4’s, 5’s)17  
ANEILSEN, CONNIE9.0244Full House (4’s, 5’s)17  
BFIEHLER, DORIS15.00495 of a Kind 5’s16 $11.00
BTWITCHELL, CAROLINE13.64495 of a Kind 6’s17 $9.00
BKIRSHAW, SHIRLEY13.64474 of a kind 5’s14 $7.00
BHOGGE, BRENDA15.00534 of a Kind 5’s21 $5.00
BWILDER, SANDRA14.31494 of a Kind 6’s15  
BGRESHAM, JENNIFER15.99464 of a Kind 6’s18  
BPOSELL, PAM15.346Full House (5’s,3’s)14  
BWARD, CAMMY15.9952Full House (6″s 7’s)17  
CCZECK, ANDREA18.70515 of a Kind 5’s18 $11.00
CMEYER, DEBRA17.68484 of a Kind 5’s15 $9.00
CDILLON, MELANIE17.71514 of a Kind 5’s17 $7.00
CLEGG, RONI17.35494 of a Kind 6’s15 $5.00
CDECKER, LAURA17.68504 of a Kind 6’s17  
CPATTERSON, BARBARA17.68584 of a Kind 7’s16  
CTORICK, DANA18.3757Full House (5’s 6’s)15  
CMERRILL, AJA18.7057Full House (6’s 7’s)23  
DCROWTHER, STACEY19.69464 of a Kind 4’s12 $12.00
DENGBERSON, CHRIS19.69494 of a Kind 5’s15 $9.00
DABRAMS, FLO19.36524 of a Kind 6’s16 $7.00
DPRIEST, CAROL23.66524 of a Kind 6’s17  
DSOMERVILIE, VICKI23.3359Full House (6’s, 5’s)21  
DOLIVER, JEANNIE23.9959Full House (6’s, 8’s)21  
DHERRICK, LAREE19.3354Full House (7’s, 4’s)16  
EFOWERS, NORA25.31604 of a Kind 7’s21 $12.00
EGOODROW, VICTORIA26.0057Full House (6’s, 5’s)19 $9.00
EFELLA, KEIKO26.0057Full House (6’s, 7’s)22 $7.00
EHAWKES, JULIE25.0153Full House (6’s , 8’s)15  
ELANDES, CONNIE28.7169Full House (7’s, 9’s)16  
ELARSEN, ALISHA25.6464Full House (7’s, 10’s)18  
EMILLER, ANGIE26.3364Full House (8’s, 5’s)19  
 Name Hole#   Payouts
Chip InsCROWTHER STACEY 10, 18   $4.00