July 17-18: Partner with OPEN Pro

click to see–>July 18-19–sorted Mark Mewes, apologies for inadvertently omitting your scorecard for Chicago/Skins. You did earn winnings that have been posted.

May 16-17: Chicago/Skins

click to see—>may16-17 Don’t forget to write the FIRST and LAST names of each Association player on the scorecard. Be sure to sign, attest, and date the scorecard.

Mar 28-29: Blind Draw

Don’t forget Enter REC# in the book Write FIRST and LAST Names on the scorecard! Sign, Attest, and Date click to see—>blind draw

Men’s Opener

Riverside Men’s Association Opener—6-Man Scramble Sponsored by Tom Stanger Insurance March 24, 2018 A Flight 1st        54       Moore, Kraig; Moore, Colby; Moore, Kurt; Garcia, Al; Moore Korey; Land, Tom ($50/player) 2nd       55       Carter, Jim; Cook, Keith; Gilmore, Art; Nourse, George; Garcia, Troy; Thomas, Jim ($35/player) 3rd       56       Motes, Brian Sr; Motes, Brian Jr; Hunter, Mark; Bernier, Frank; Butler, Ralph ($20/player) …