Contract & Banquet

Schneiter’s Bluff 2022 Tournament Contract & Banquet Menu

  1. Booking Tournaments:

Please contact Schneiter’s Bluff pro shop at (801) 773-0731 to book your event.

RATES:  18 holes with cart:  $50.00 weekdays & weekends per player.

9 holes with cart:  $ 25.00 weekdays & weekends per player.

***  Please advise:  No Food, Drink, Alcohol to be brought on premise ***

Schneiter’s Bluff at West Point – Banquet & Food Menu 

*The “Brown Bag” Deli Sandwich  ( perfect for grabbing during play on the re-round  )  The lunch includes a Deli Sandwich with Ham and Turkey, ( unless you specify just one or the other) the bag also includes a bag of chips, cookie and a drink.                                      $8.00                                                                                                               

*Cheeseburger Lunch $9.00 *** Grilled Chicken Sandwich $9.00 *** Bar-b -que Pork $8.50                                                          

All of the lunches above are served with potato salad, chips, dessert and a drink.        

***We also offer catering from these off site restaurants.  You make your selections and we will make all the arrangements to have it brought to the golf course for your tournament.

*Costa Vida*   Costa Vida Burritos,  your choice of Sweet Pork, Shredded Beef of Grilled Chicken (topped with cheese and sauce.) Or a small Salad, Pork, Beef or Chicken.   Served with a dessert and drink.                                                                                                     $12.50

Honey Baked Ham “boxed lunches”  The famous Honey Baked Ham store offers these selections.  The Ham Classic, Turkey Classic, Tavern Club, or Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwiches.  They offer a variety of breads, multi-grain, bakers roll or croissant.  Each lunch comes with pickles, chips,  a brownie and a drink.                                                $12.50

Taco Time Taco Bowl.  These are great for a lighter lunch, they are filled with taco meat, lettuce, cheese, tomato and your choice of dressing. Dessert and drink.                       $7.50

We are also able to provide:

Continental Breakfast,  Goody Bags and Tee prizes.  Please call for pricing and details. Shotgun tournaments can be arranged by calling the pro-shop.

The Pavillion (@Riverside) and The Banquet Room (@the Bluff) can also be used for a  fee** if you choose to bring in your own food with your tournament.   Call for pricing 801-399-4636 or 801-773-0731. Please leave a message with your phone# if needed.

** No outside food or drink is allowed to be brought onto the premise without prior permission.  Absolutely no alcohol is allowed to be brought onto the premise.