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Tuesday Ladies

Riverside Tuesday Morning Ladies

We’ve managed to get some play in this rainy month!!
Our opening social was held April 11th at the clubhouse with delicious burritos from Warrens.

April 18th and 25th was regular play and May 2nd was our first tournament—Low Gross.

Winners were: 18 Holes A Flight 1st Denise Carlos 2nd Mary Amidan
B Flight 1st Chris Rebmann 2nd Carolyn Norgard
C Flight 1st MaryLoo Cordon 2nd Carol Ash

9 Holes 1st Gloria Gebhardt

Birdies that day: Vardell Laursen #2
Karen Gardiner #’s 3 & 8
Mary Amidan #13 and
Karen Bruin #4

May 9th Blind Holes

Winners were:

18 Holes A Flight 1st Judy Johnson 2nd MaryAmidan
B Flight 1st Tie Wendy Maxwell, Jane Sorensen, Marie Tracy, Susan Self
C Flight 1st Cindie Cowles 2nd MaryLoo Cordon
D Flight 1st Heidi Moser

9 Holes Front 1st Shirley Nielsen 2nd Linda Mitchell
9 Holes Back 1st Marlys Loe 2nd Marbara Wood

Birdies that day: Denise Carlos #’s 3 & 7
Vardell Laursen #16
Karen Gardiner #8
Cindie Cowles #18
Chris Rebmann #18
Wendy Maxwell #18
Ann Palmer #4
Judy Johnson #3
Brenda Jorgensen #’s 10 & 12

May 16th Blind Partner
Eleven golfers braved the weather to finish their rounds—but no tournament pay-out this week. Birdies were: Susan Self #2
Mary Amidan #3
Karen Bruin #14
Carolyn Norgard #18