Why not join the UGA this year?

If you don’t have a Utah Golf Association (UGA) handicap, this is the year to get one.

for more info see:   http://uga.org/membership/index.html

24 Benefits of UGA Membership
UGA Membership is an incredible value!

1. The major benefit of joining the UGA is receiving a USGA Handicap. All golfers should have a USGA Handicap. If you don’t have a handicap you can’t really be classified as a golfer.

2. The UGA, through its own computers, has provided Utah golfers with the best handicapping service in the world. It allows for easy posting of all scores at networked computers at each golf course in the state and gives twice a month updates throughout the golf season.

3. The UGA system links all golfers in the state under one handicap system and makes it easier for professionals to conduct tournaments for our members.

4. The UGA rates and measures all golf courses in the state to provide for uniformity in handicapping.

5. UGA members receive Fairways magazine four times a year, which provides numerous articles of interest and links the UGA membership together. Many benefits advertised in Fairways are for UGA members only.

6. UGA members receive many 2 for 1 benefits on the UGA membership card that total more than $1,000 in value.

7. Your UGA dues finance trips for the Boys Junior Americas Cup, the Girls Junior Americas Cup, and the Hogan Cup.

8. Your UGA dues support and promote junior golf tournaments and clinics.

9. Your UGA dues support and promote the Utah Section of the PGA.

10. Your UGA dues help administer eight-man team leagues for member clubs.

11. The UGA conducts the Utah State Amateur Championship, the longest continuously held tournament in America.

12. Your UGA dues help support the Utah-Arizona Shootout, the Pacific Coast Amateur and Morse Cup Team, and the USGA State Team Championship for both men and women.

13. The UGA conducts numerous major state championships for men, women and juniors, such as the Mid-Am, Women’s Match Play, Senior Am, etc.

14. The UGA coordinates activities in Utah for the United States Golf Association, including conducting USGA qualifying tournaments for all the major national championships.

15. The UGA supports the USGA in its turf grass research, audubon and environmental improvement programs and funds USGA Turf Grass visits to four or five Utah golf courses each year.

16. Your UGA dues help support the Utah Golf Hall of Fame, Library and Museum and the preservation of our history and traditions.

17. Your UGA dues help in golf course development.

18. Your UGA dues help educate local government officials about municipal golf courses.

19. Your UGA dues help support the Utah State Women’s Golf Association.

20. Your UGA dues support the Rules of Golf and provide rules officials at all major tournament events.

21. The UGA recognizes outstanding golfers and volunteers through a visible awards program, including the annual UGA Gold Club Award.

22. The UGA helps local golf courses in the promotion of new play and the teaching of etiquette, with emphasis on fast play.

23. The UGA supports local club officers in administering handicap service and coordinating inter-state club activities.

24. Your UGA dues support a staff of UGA employees to administer the extensive programs and services of the UGA, for which all golfers benefit.